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Welcome to The Basketball Coach's Notebook, a site dedicated to helping individuals interested in learning how to coach basketball, improving their coaching skills and knowledge of the game. Regardless of the level of play or gender, be it youth basketball, basketball for girls or coaching high school basketball, there is something here for every coach who visits the site. Opportunities abound to learn about motivation, shooting and drills to develop fundamentals.


To provide basketball coaches of all levels with a site to learn about COACHING basketball as well as the great sport of basketball itself.  It is our hope that the coaches who visit this site, read our blog The Basketball Notebook, and sign-up for the e-newsletter Coach Sivils' Roundball Report, will not only learn from these, but contribute as well so that as many coaches as possible will benefit. As we grow as coaches our players will benefit and they are the real reason we coach!

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  • Five Common Mistakes in Practice Planning

    This short video covers five common mistakes in practice planning and simple concepts to correct or avoid these mistakes.

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